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About Auntie
Originally from the great white north of Canada, Jodi moved to New Zealand in 2021. While living abroad she missed her family, mostly her daily dose of auntie duty & spending time with her nieces. She also missed family dinners, the traditions and comfort of foods she grew up on, and seasonal treats - including pumpkin pie. Feeling homesick, she had tried to bake her family recipes in New Zealand, but it was never quite the same. In 2022, Jodi traveled back home to spend time with her family, telling her nieces all about her adventures, and stocking up on anything pumpkin spice. She realized that no matter how near or far, she will always be an auntie to her adoring nieces - and that auntie always knows best. 

When Jodi's mother came to visit her in New Zealand, they decided to bake some family recipes together to bring their Canadian favourites to New Zealand. They spent all day in the kitchen making a pumpkin pie to bring to a friends' house for dinner, it was a big hit! They then decided to continue baking all their favourite pumpkin spice treats for friends and family to try in New Zealand. After receiving such great feedback and interest in the treats, Jodi's partner encouraged her to make easy ready to go pumpkin baking kits.

About the brand
These recipes have traveled generations within the family from England, to Canada and now New Zealand. The brand is inspired by a combination of Jodi's two favourite things -  pumpkin spice treats & being an auntie. Now she knows wherever her and her family recipes go, she will always have the comfort of home with her to share.  

About our mission
Living in Northland, Jodi missed the changing of the seasons she grew up with, especially the orange hues in the foliage as it became autumn - which she fell deeply in love with while traveling around the South Island. She spent a lot of time thinking about why she missed the season,  but it was simply the coziness and comfort the season brings. So she decided that autumn and its coziness of familiarity is a mindset, and to fully indulge in this pumpkin spice adventure. 

"Our mission is to bring a taste of the northern hemisphere to the south with our kits. Home is just one slice away, wherever you are." - Auntie Jodi

  • Sketch of Auntie Jodi Holding a Pumpkin Pie

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