Pumpkin Spiced Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Spiced Cake Recipe

Looking to spruce up your Pumpkin Spice baking game? Try this Pumpkin Spiced Cake using the Auntie Jodi's Baking Co. Pumpkin Loaf kit. Makes one 9″ cake or opt for Pumpkin Spiced muffins (makes 6-8 muffins).

Pumpkin Spice baking kit

Just add:
- 2 Eggs
- 150ml or 2/3 cups of boiling water
- 185g of soft melted butter
- Your choice of toppings (Walnuts, Pecans, White chocolate chips, etc.)
- 2 table spoons of Icing Sugar
- 250g block of Cream Cheese
- Vanilla extract (optional) 

1. Add the bag (558g) of pre-made mix in a bowl, then add the boiling water.

Pumpkin Spice baking kit and supplies
2. Beat the loaf mix, using an electric mixer if needed, until water is evaporated into the mix.

3. Mix in the eggs and soft butter until smooth consistency.

Add in eggs and soft butter to baking mix

4. Add in a handful of your choice of toppings, if using pecans and walnuts, be sure to chop these into smaller chunks before adding. Mix toppings into the mixture until evenly spread throughout.

Mixing bowl used for baking

5. Scoop the mixture into tray, allowing room to rise. Bake at 165°c-180°c (depending on oven) for 30 - 45 minutes, or until poked with a knife that comes out clean. Baking times may vary if using other tray types, can also bake in a muffin tin if you wish.

Muffin baking tin

6. While the cake is baking, mix a block of cream cheese in a bowl until soft, add in icing sugar and continue to mix. If you prefer a sweeter cream cheese icing, add in drops of vanilla extract. 

Pumpkin Spiced cake with icing
7. Allow to cool then spread the cream cheese icing on top.

8. Enjoy! 

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